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temperature gauges
KOSO temperature gauge "GP-Style" from 72,95 EUR
temperature gauge with analog display
1 x 'KOSO temperature gauge "GP-Style"' order
KOSO "Mini3" DUAL temperature gauge 55,95 EUR

"Dual Temperature" - display two seperate temperatures

1 x 'KOSO "Mini3" DUAL temperature gauge' order
KOSO "Mini-Style" temperature gauge with battery 53,95 EUR
incl. internal battery - no external power supply required!
1 x 'KOSO "Mini-Style" temperature gauge with battery' order
KOSO "Slim-Style" temperature gauge 35,95 EUR
1 x 'KOSO "Slim-Style" temperature gauge' order
temperature monitoring sticker strips 16,95 EUR
1 x 'temperature monitoring sticker strips' order

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