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suspension & frame
footpegs, DRZ400 105,95 EUR
1 x 'footpegs, DRZ400' order
WILBERS 640 rear shock, DRZ400 from 479,00 EUR
1 x 'WILBERS 640 rear shock, DRZ400' order
WILBERS 642 rear shock, DRZ400 from 759,00 EUR
1 x 'WILBERS 642 rear shock, DRZ400' order
replacement spring for rear shock, DRZ400 from 129,00 EUR
1 x 'replacement spring for rear shock, DRZ400' order
shock bearing, DRZ400 from 16,95 EUR
1 x 'shock bearing, DRZ400' order
linkage bearing kit, DRZ400 75,00 EUR
1 x 'linkage bearing kit, DRZ400' order
swingarm bearing kit, DRZ400 72,00 EUR
1 x 'swingarm bearing kit, DRZ400' order
lowering pull rods, DRZ400 from 92,95 EUR
1 x 'lowering pull rods, DRZ400' order
fork springs, DRZ400 from 134,95 EUR
1 x 'fork springs, DRZ400' order
fork seals, DRZ400 from 24,95 EUR
1 x 'fork seals, DRZ400' order
fork bushing kit, DRZ400 SM 44,95 EUR
1 x 'fork bushing kit, DRZ400 SM' order
fork oil, Putoline, 1ltr from 13,50 EUR

available in several specifications

1ltr bottle

1 x 'fork oil, Putoline, 1ltr' order
Fork boots, DRZ400 from 28,95 EUR
1 x 'Fork boots, DRZ400' order
steering head bearing, DRZ400 39,95 EUR
1 x 'steering head bearing, DRZ400' order
wheel bearing set type I , DRZ400 from 19,95 EUR
wheel bearings + sealings
1 x 'wheel bearing set type I , DRZ400' order
wheel spacers, DRZ400 from 10,50 EUR
1 x 'wheel spacers, DRZ400' order
aluminium skid plate, DRZ400 119,95 EUR
1 x 'aluminium skid plate, DRZ400' order
carbon skid plate, DRZ400 154,95 EUR
1 x 'carbon skid plate, DRZ400' order

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