Mikuni TM36 flatside carb kit, DR350

Product.Nr.: Mikuni TM36 DR350

EUR 445,95
incl. 19 % VAT

  • weight 1,2 kg

product description

Mikuni TM36 flastide carb conversion kit for DR350, made by ABP Racing
  • flatslide carb with acceleration pump
  • substitutes the OEM carb
  • increases top end and midrange power
  • better starting, excellent response
  • elimantes the terrible stopping at low revs
  • comes jetted and preadjusted, with adapters for perfect fit into airbox/engine manifold - plug'nplay
  • incl. mounting manual
in case of an order, please tell us some facts about your bike:
  • standard or open airbox?
  • which airfilter you use?
  • cylinder head, standard or ported?
  • camshaft, standard or tuning?
  • which head pipe?which muffler?
When we know these facts we are able to provide a pre adjusted and jetted carb. Usually they don't need firther adjustments. (if thex need smaller mods, we will support you of course. But in most cases the bikes runs well)