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useful accessoiries for woring on the brake system


mounting bolt set from 6,95 EUR
1 x 'mounting bolt set' order
Loctite 243 screw locking, 5ml 7,29 EUR

5ml bottle (basic price 145,80 €/100ml)

1 x 'Loctite 243 screw locking, 5ml' order
hollow screw M10x1,25, single from 5,95 EUR
1 x 'hollow screw M10x1,25, single' order
hollow screw M10x1, single 5,00 EUR
1 x 'hollow screw M10x1, single' order
Lucas stop light switch from 17,95 EUR
1 x 'Lucas stop light switch' order
brake cleaner, 500ml 3,95 EUR

500ml bottle (basic price 7,9 €/ltr)

1 x 'brake cleaner, 500ml' order
TRW-LUCAS brake fluid DOT4.0, several bottle sizes from 2,95 EUR

bottle 2,95 € (basic price 11,80 €/l)
500ml bottle 4,50 € (basic price 9,00 €/l)
1000ml bottle 8,65 € (basic price 8,65 €/l)
1 x 'TRW-LUCAS brake fluid DOT4.0, several bottle sizes' order
TRW-LUCAS brake fluid DOT5.1, several bottles sizes from 3,50 EUR

bottle 3,50 € (basic price 14,00 €/l)
500ml bottle 5,95 € (basic price 11,90 €/l)
1000ml bottle 10,95 € (basic price 10,95 €/l)
1 x 'TRW-LUCAS brake fluid DOT5.1, several bottles sizes' order

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